Matteo Silvestro's page


My persona

Good ideas don't take time. They take a lot of bad ideas first.
—Ral Zarek

I'm a scatterbrained wanderer always looking for new routes. My life is an adagio sostenuto in A minor played on a strange instrument.

I seek beauty in the tidy lines of a source code, in the harmonious flow of notes in a music staff and in the refined perfection of a mathematical formula.

My personae are scattered around the web, each with its own purpose. On Facebook you can find my most frivolous side, on LinkedIn the most professional one. On Twitter there are short and refined telegrams, on Instagram moments that caught my attention. My volatile musical obsessions are recorded on, while Steam keeps tabs on the countless videogame experiences I dive in. My musical projects are on YouTube and MuseScore, while GitHub collects my coding works.

Finally, here are a few advices, absolutely nothing mandatory.

Watch The Good Place. A TV series for everyone that, between philosophical dilemmas and hilarious moments, makes you cry and laugh heartily.

Play Journey and Persona 5. The first videogame is a brief but touching journey shared with other wanderers in the midst of breathtaking landscapes. The latter is an improbable role-playing game, a masterpiece of style with a compelling story about timeless topics.

Read Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking. A tell-tale book about the nature of introverts, whose strong points are often underestimated.